We're All Just Walking Each Other Home


However different, these two hunters have learned to work together in the wild. Ravens will lead wolves to prey or kill sites, where wolves can take down animals too large for the raven or tear into carcasses too tough for ravens' beaks. Ravens, being more alert than wolves, can serve as lookouts at kill sites to warn of oncoming threats. Wolf pups and ravens have even been observed to play together.

The multicolored background bears hues from all the different skies of 2020 California, from early pandemic clear to ash covered, from The Orange Day to regular 'ole smoggy sunsets. The different directions, highlighted by various symbols, indicate points of prosperity and abundance. The lotus, which produces beautiful flowers even with roots in dirty water, is the perfect symbol of our growth and enlightenment through daily perseverance.

There's so much we can learn from this, wouldn't you agree? Functioning cooperatively, especially in challenging times, we learn to coexist with those different from us to ensure each others' mutual well-being.


The original was 100% hand drawn with ink, watercolors, graphite, and layered with gold leaf. 

©2020 Michael Rohner