COVID-19 Statement

Art festivals are cancelled indefinitely, and who knows when crowds will be able to return either pandemically or financially. This means more time huddled in the studio for many of us artists. I aim to use this opportunity to create the way I always said I would "if I just had enough time." While I'm thankful I'm in a position to do so, it's not possible without your continued support. Like many small businesses, I rely on your continued patronage in order to navigate this strangest of timelines. I ask that you keep this in mind when considering an art purchase to enrich your home or office. Every purchase goes towards allowing me to continue creating the best work I can and in turn providing you with inspired art.   

My Best,

Michael Rohner

Michael Rohner, Artist

Pen and ink illustrations, mixed media colored. Artist Michael Rohner explores the wisdom and spirit of the animal kingdom in his animal totem series using pen and ink on water color paper, then fills these creations with a plethora of color mediums.  

Interview With the Deseret News

Michael talks with Ryan Morgan of the Deseret News to discuss his road to becoming an artist, the nuances of emotionally provocative art and the philosophy behind his work.

Artist Spolight: Michael Rohner

Interview with the Utah Review for the 2017 Utah Arts Festival. Michael discusses his artistic influences and inspiration and shares how he builds an artistic rhythm.