Andean Condor

$40.00 $60.00

3 piece triptych set. The owner of the world's widest wingspan, this Andean Condor (fascinating creature; it can soar for hours without flapping it's wings, is the national bird of numerous South American countries, and is worshipped in various folklore) was drawn with archival Micron pens and boasts a spray painted background, layered with hand cut mylar stencils.

Archival print on 210g etching art paper.

8" x 10" and 9" x 12" - signed open edition

Printed with advanced quality pigment inks designed to achieve incredible vividness and longevity. 

The original was 100% hand drawn with Micron ink and spray paint. 

Canvas Giclées - Printed on premium matte canvas using professional-grade archival pigment inks and stretched on a wooden frame. Ready-to-hang with a pre-attached hanging wire.