Year of the Ram Time Lapse

This is my first annual Chinese zodiac piece. 2015 is the year of the ram/goat/sheep. Depending on the country, the word yáng can refer to either of the three. So, I chose ram. This was drawn over the course of about a week using: pen and ink, marker, water color and a little oil pastel. Sped up, I think I look way more assured in the process than I was in real time. I had to stop, erase, redraw and second guess lots throughout the process. 

Making of the Hierophant

Time-lapse video of my Hierophant drawing for the Major Arcana Group Tarot Show at the Metallo Gallery in Madrid, NM held Oct. 12, 2013. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana; 22 artists were selected to each do their interpretation of a single card. 


The Lion Comes Alive

Here's a time lapse video of "The Old Soul" coming to life. he took me somewhere between 25-30 hours or so to create over the course of a week. The planning, however, took months: I found the peonies on a walk in Nashville with my girlfriend this past June; the red dragonfly landed and stayed a while in my festival booth in Bernalillo, NM earlier this month; I'd been collecting source images of lions for about 6 months, but came across this pose a couple weeks ago; I had an idea for the mood I intended him to carry, but personal experiences over the summer paved the way for the emotional content he carries.


Time Lapse Video of the Flower Tiger

  This is what I do in between pencilling and spray painting: