The Lion Comes Alive

Here's a time lapse video of "The Old Soul" coming to life. he took me somewhere between 25-30 hours or so to create over the course of a week. The planning, however, took months: I found the peonies on a walk in Nashville with my girlfriend this past June; the red dragonfly landed and stayed a while in my festival booth in Bernalillo, NM earlier this month; I'd been collecting source images of lions for about 6 months, but came across this pose a couple weeks ago; I had an idea for the mood I intended him to carry, but personal experiences over the summer paved the way for the emotional content he carries.


A Day in the Life...

  One of the reasons I post social media pictures of all my booth displays is to preserve their individual uniqueness. Every setup is it's own beast, a temporary art gallery customized to it's location, allotted display space, festival theme, and momentary inspiration that can take half a day or more to construct. My display at the Bernalillo Wine Festival took me a snappy 3 hours real time, from opening my van doors to zipping my canopy shut. This counts as an easy day at the office!

  Watch the second installment of my time-lapse series here measuring a tick under a minute: